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Pendant Messianic Sterling Silver - Grafted In

Pendant Messianic Sterling Silver- Grafted In

A beautiful piece of jewelry with "Messianic", this will be a treasured gift for a lifetime.

The Grafted In is a symbol of the Messianic movement. It is wonderful for Messianic Believers or even for anyone who honors the Jewish roots of their Faith.

The pendant with the "Messianic" medallion is made out of sterling silver is a famous symbol of the first Christians. This ancient emblem connects the Old and New Testaments, combining the symbols of Menorah, such as the “Light of Jerusalem”, Magen David, as the “Coming of the Messiah” and Pisces, as the symbol of “Jesus Christ”.

Width: 0.69"- 17.5mm

Height: 1.21" - 30.9mm

Weight: 4.7 gr 0.16 oz

Material: Sterling Silver 

includes a sterling silver chain : 50 cm / 19.68"

Made in Israel.

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