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Blessing Rings

Bring A Blessing With You Wherever You Go

Blessing rings are a simple way to keep your faith close to your heart anywhere and at any time. As Israel blessing jewelry, each contains a small prayer or religious symbol to remind you of the presence of your faith through all of life’s challenges. With faith-based rings in both intricate and simple designs, there is a piece of Israel blessing jewelry for any particular style or need.

Blessing rings come in both men’s and women’s styles so every person of faith can keep their desired prayer or faith reminder in their heart and in their mind. They may be used as everyday jewelry or symbolic pieces for anniversaries, weddings, or other major events one may experience in life.

How To Wear Your Israel Blessing Jewelry

Blessing rings may be worn as rings but you’re not limited to your fingers. Placed on a chain as a charm or pendant, one can make use of their blessing jewelry in a subtle yet present way. If one is unable to wear jewelry for any reason, your ring can be kept in a pocket and touched each time you need a reminder of the powerful prayer or symbolism you keep at your side. Because these pieces are so versatile, they serve as the perfect gift to mark any occasion.

Choosing The Piece That Resonates With You

There is no limit to how many jewelry gifts one can own or wear, and you may decide to represent your spirit in a different fashion each day. Choosing pieces that resonate with you is simple as there is a piece that connects with all popular prayers, symbols, and themes. When choosing as a gift, try choosing a blessing ring that best connects with the event or occasion the gift is for. Quotes like “God will bless and protect you” are perfect for weddings or graduations, while the Shema Israel blessing is the perfect piece of encouragement when beginning a new life journey.

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Blessing Rings From Israel:

72 Holy Names Silver ring, kabbalah jewelry, jewish wedding rings,


Jerusalem Ring with Priestly Blessing ,925 silver


925 Sterling Silver Ring with 9K Gold "Shema Yisrael"


Kabbalah Ring with Angels Protection & onyx Stone Silver 925 Gold 9K


Shema Israel Ring - Silver & Gold 9K


song of solomon ring Sterling silver ring kabbalah Jewelry


jewish wedding ring Sterling Silver "For His angels protect you in all your ways"


Ring with Prayer SHEMA YISRAEL Kabbalah Blessing Sterling Silver


King Solomon's silver ring with an engraved phrase in the original language.


Song Of Solomon Sterling Silver Ring, Kabbalah Jewelry


Ring Kabbalah Priestly Blessing Birkat Kohanim Aaron's Blessing Sterling Silver


Kabbalah Ring "For His angels protect you in all your ways" / Sterling Silver


Ring with Prayer SHEMA YISRAEL Kabbalah Blessing Sterling Silver


Ring w/ Prayer ANI LE DODI Kabbalah Blessing Sterling Silver