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Christian Charms - Beads

A special Christian Charms collection of Beads designed to thread on silver bracelets, made from 925 silver sterling, and incorporates different materials into each piece of Christian Charms jewelry, among them are zircons, enamel, opal stones and 9k gold.

The motifs we use in our designs embodies the atmosphere surrounding 'The Peace of God' jewelry collection and symbolizes our beliefs and tradition.

The Christian Charms jewelry are inspired by religious motifs, which holds our faith and creates a feeling of holiness and harmony.

Christian Charms Jewelry:

The Tree of Life Silver Bead


The Tree of Life Bead Embedded with Colored Zircons


Ichthys and Cross Pendant Necklace/ Bead Silver 925 Gold 9K


The Jerusalem Cross Bead


Silver and Red Enamel Pomegranate Bead Embedded with Zircons


Star of Bethlehem Bead Embedded with Zircons


An Oval Ball Engraved with a Messianic Symbol Bead


Black Enamel and Silver Cross Bead


A Rounded Cross Bead Embedded with Zircons


Cross Bead Embedded with Zircons


The Jerusalem Cross in Black Enamel Bead


The Jerusalem Cross Bead Embedded with Zircons


The Jerusalem Cross Bead in Silver and 9K Gold


White Peace Dove Bead on Black Enamel