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Jesus Boat Jewelry - Jesus Jewelry Pieces

The Jesus boat jewlery collection is inspired by ancient and religions motifs that are embedded with a glass tube, filled with A wax that was created for over 12 years in the boat's preservation process.

Jesus Jewelry Pieces From Israel:


Jesus Cross Pendant Silver - Jesus Boat With Wax Inside


Messianic Symbol Mezuzah Pendant Necklace - Jesus Boat Wax


Jesus Cross Jerusalem - Jesus Boat Wax Inside


Sterling Silver Menorah Pendant - Jesus Boat Wax inside


Star of David Pendant Sterling Silver - Jesus Boat Wax inside


The story behind Jesus boat

February 1986, Yuval and Moshe Lufan, brothers and archeological from Kibbutz Ginosar, went for a stroll on the north-west shore of the Sea of Galilee, at first they found a coin, and another, and another, until they faced and incredible sight, an ancient boat.

The boat was 8.2 meters long, 2.3 meters wide and 1.2 meters high.

With the help of the pottery found next to the boat, it was determined that it was in use 2,000 years ago; scientists then used carbon 14 testing, and combined those results with conclusive evidence based on ancient hull construction techniques.

This incredible find opened a window to a period of special historical significance, during which the shores of the Sea of Galilee were the background for Jesus and his disciples, Or maybe this is an example of the boat mentioned by the historian Yosef Ben Matityahu, when he described the battle near the shore of Migdal in the great rebellion between the Jews and the Romans.

The Boat was built using an ancient construction method – first the shell was built and then the rest was adjusted accordingly, and it is made out of 12 different wood types.

The boat laid in the preservation tank for twelve years due to the chemical process needed to keep her safe and that is when the "Connective Element" was created.

The Connective Element is a material derived from the original substance in which the Jesus Boat was submerged for over 12 years when being restored. During this time pieces of the 12 different types of wood that make up the boat as well as other 2000+ year old material from the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River diffused into the conservation material which was then used the create the wax.

This wax was then named the Connective Element as it provides a tangible connection to the Jesus Boat, the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River from the time of Jesus.

From this pure wax we created the "Jesus boat jewelry collection" for you, so you may also preserve a piece of this amazing legacy and carry it with you at all times!  

You will receive an Authenticity certificate that proves that you are buying the pure Jesus boat wax.