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Jewish Bracelets

Whether you are a deeply spiritual person or simply looking to add some faith-based symbolism to your wardrobe, you should certainly check out the wide range of Kabbalah jewelry we offer at "The Peace Of God".

Crafted by some of Israel's top Kabbalah jewelry designers, each one of our exquisite rings, bracelets, necklaces and charms is steeped in the ancient Jewish mystical tradition and will add both style and meaning to any ensemble that you choose to wear.

Kabbalah is the mystical and esoteric aspect of Judaism. These meaningful concepts express themselves in symbols and letter combinations representing the hidden aspect of God. Various words and letters serve to strengthen certain traits, such as health, love, success and more.

Jewish Kabbalah Bracelets From Israel:

Bracelet "This Too Shall Pass" Silver 925 ,Kabbalah Bracelet


Bracelet Shema Yisrael Silver 925 - Kabbalah Bracelet


Men's Kabbalah Bracelet Blessing of Priests Sterling Silver


Kabbalah Bracelet For Men - 9K Gold with Sterling Silver and silicon with Three Blessing Inscriptions


Priestly Blessing Bracelet - Star of David, Kabbalah Bracelet, Sterling Silver and Leather Black Onyx .


Kabbalah Bracelet,"Because his angels" bracelet Silver 925


Pomegranate Bracelet - Silver & 9K Gold Pomegranate with Ruby and Emerald Stones


Messianic Bracelet Symbol - Leather Bracelet With A Silver Plate - For Man


Black Kabbalah Bracelet - The Priestly Breastplate for Genesis, Silver and 9k gold with Black Leather


The Bracelet Priestly Breastplate for Genesis, A Silver 925 Bracelet,Kabbalah Bracelet


Sterling Silver and silicon Bracelet with Three Blessing Inscriptions ,Kabbalah Bracelet


Bracelet Leather Shema Yisrael - Silver 925 ,Kabbalah Bracelet


bracelet Traveler's Prayer, Silver Sterling and Real Leather Combined with 9k gold , Kabbalah Bracelet


Shema Yisrael: Leather and Silver Bracelet with 9k Gold Star of David , Kabbalah Bracelet


Bracelet Sterling Silver and Silicone ,Ana Bekoach ,Kabbalah Bracelet


God's Treasury Bracelet, Silver and Gold Men's , Black silicon Bracelet, Kabbalah Bracelet,


Men's Bracelet Kabbalah "Traveler's Prayer" Sterling Silver & 9k gold & Black Onyx, Genuine Leather


Men's Kabbalah Bracelet The "Prayer of Ascension" Sterling Silver & Gold 9K


Bracelet Sterling Silver & 9k gold and Silicon"God will open your good treasure",Kabbalah Bracelet


Bracelet Kabbalah Shema Israel Silver & 9k Gold


Priestly Blessing Leather Bracelet , Round and engraved, 925 sterling silver with 9K gold .Kabbalah Bracelet


Bracelet Kabbalah, Shema Israel Silver & 9k Gold


Men's Kabbalah Bracelet Blessing of Priests Silver 925 & Gold 9K


Men's Kabbalah Bracelet Hoshen "Blessing of Priests" Silver 925


Shema Israel Bracelet - Sterling Silver and 9k Gold Kabbalah Bracelet


Kabbalah Bracelet 9K Gold & Silver , silicone with Three Blessing Inscriptions


Sterling Silver and 9k Gold Bracelet, "Ana Bekoach"


Bracelet Hoshen Silver and gold with Black Leather,Kabbalah Bracelet


Bracelet Hoshen Silver and gold with Black silicon, Kabbalah Bracelet


bracelet Silver & 9K Gold Pomegranate with Ruby and Emerald Stones


Men's Kabbalah Bracelet Hoshen Blessing of Priests Silver & 9k gold


Kabbalah Bracelet Hoshen Silver & 9k gold