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Kabbalah Jewelry Pendant

Our Kabbalah jewelry are all from Israel, made by faithful, talented jewelry designers using sterling silver, gold, and stones like onyx and zirconia. Check out our selection of Kabbalah jewelry.

The Beauty And Meaning Of Kabbalah Jewelry
Many people wear jewelry to decorate their person, as addition to their fashionable clothes. For the faithful, however, jewelry is a reminder and representative of their beliefs. Though stylish, Kabbalah jewelry are worn not for fashion, but for their meanings.

What Is Kabbalah?
The word “kabbalah” is derived from the Hebrew word “kabel” which means receive. Kabbalah, thus, means “received teaching.” Kabbalah refers to the tradition of Jewish mysticism that aims to understand the essence of God.
Kabbalists hope to experience intimacy with the divine by trying to understand the mystical ways in which God exists and moves. They also believe that God and humanity are connected, and that the essence of divinity is found in everything, including jewelry.

Kabbalah Jewelry
Kabbalah is primarily a school of thought, and its teachings are expressed through jewelry. Kabbalah jewelry are made with high quality materials, such as sterling silver or gold.
Crafted by religious and skilled designers, Kabbalah pendants, necklaces, rings, and bracelets are often engraved with protective prayers.

The Meaning Of Kabbalah Jewelry
Kabbalah jewelry hold a symbolic meaning and are worn with an intention of bringing blessings into the wearer’s life. Likewise, giving Kabbalah necklaces or pendants as gifts symbolizes good wishes from the giver to the receiver.

Depending on the symbol, meanings may range from success, good luck, security, protection, health, wealth, and guidance. By wearing Kabbalah jewelry, the wearer receives the energy and strength needed to create changes in their life.

Kabbalah necklaces and pendants are designed after meaningful symbols, while others are engraved with prayers. One of the most common Kabbalah pendants is the Ten Sefirot which represents the structure of creation. Another pendant is the Tree of Life symbolizes interconnectedness, unity, and love.

Kabbalah Jewelry From Israel
Find out the wide range of Kabbalah jewelry Pendant we offer at "The Peace Of God". Crafted by some of Israel's top Kabbalah jewelry designers, each one of our exquisite , pendant is steeped in the ancient Jewish mystical tradition and will add both style and meaning to any ensemble that you choose to wear.

Kabbalah is the mystical and esoteric aspect of Judaism. These meaningful concepts express themselves in symbols and letter combinations representing the hidden aspect of God. Various words and letters serve to strengthen certain traits, such as health, love, success and more.

From the Land of Israel, each piece of Kabbalah jewelry offered by "The Peace Of God" is a stunning blend of contemporary fashion and traditional faith that is full of ancient mystical meaning and powerful religious symbolism.

We are also offer making of special design of Kabbalah jewelry by your vision and imagination - we here for any request.
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Kabbalah Jewelry From Israel:

Round ''Chai'' Pendant , with CZ, silver & 9k gold

$246.00 $296.00

Tree of Life Sterling Silver 925

$155.00 $190.00

pendant Star of David with Yeshua , silver & 9k gold


“Everything will pass ... This too shall pass” sterling silver Pendant

$120.00 $140.00

Shema Israel sterling silver Pendant

$120.00 $140.00

Shema Israel Silver Lace Ball Pendant


Pendant Kabbalah Priestly Blessing Birkat Kohanim Sterling Silver


Kabbalah Jewelry - Rabot Banot Kabbalah Pendant


Shema Israel Necklace - Sterling Silver and Onyx


Kabbalah Jewelry - The Ten Sefirot


Ana Bekoach Kabbalah Jewelry


Kabbalah Jewelry - Map of Israel Sterling Silver Pendant


Kabbalah Jewelry - Silver Mezuzah Pendant Priestly Blessing


Map of Israel Necklace


Kabbalah Jewelry - Songs of Degrees


Map of Israel Sterling Silver Necklace


Ana Bekoach Kabbalah Pendant


Silver Star of David Pendant with White Zircon Stones


Sterling Silver Spinning Cylinder Necklace with Angels' Names


Pendant Mezuzah and Prayer Shema Israel Amulet Sterling Silver


Kabbalah Jewelry Sterling Silver and Gold Mezuzah Necklace


Angels' Names Kabbalah Necklace Sterling Silver with Onyx


Necklace Star of David " He will charge his angels"


Necklace Star of David With black zircon stone




Shema Israel Sterling Silver Necklace, Star of David and Cat's Eye Stone


925 Sterling Silver Star of David Pendant with White Zircon Stones.


Pendant Kabbalah Names of 12 Angels & Ana Bekoach


This Too Shall Pass Necklace


Square Pendant Kabbalah w/ Shema Yisrael Prayer Sterling Silver Necklace


Kabbalah pendant Hebrew letters Star of David Silver & 9k Gold with Onyx


Ana Bekoach Prayer Blessing Mezuzah Pendant, Sterling Silver & Gold 9K


Kabbalah Necklace, Sterling Silver & 9k gold Eshet Chayil ,Woman


Pendant Blessing of Priests Birkat Kohanim Sterling Silver & Gold 9K


pendant Star of David with Tablets of the Covenant / silver & 9k gold


Silver and Gold Disk Kabbalah Necklace with Chrysoberyl - 72 Holy Names


Kabbalah Jewelry Star of David Necklace


Necklace 9K Gold Sterling Silver , Star of David


"Lion of Judah" Star of David Pendant


pendant Star of David with Harp David's, silver & 9k gold


pendant Star of David with "Chai" , silver & 9k gold


pendant Star of David with Crown of David's, silver & 9k gold


Star of David with Garnet stone Silver 925 Gold 9K