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Blessing From Jerusalem Anointing Oil 12 ml

A traditional collection of 12 ml.
Supplied in fancy glass bottle in box.
This special blend of oils and flowers was made by secret formulas that have been traditionally used over the years.
In the collection 19 different scents.
All Ein Gedi products have Ministry of Health approvals.
Made in Israel.

Giving And Receiving Blessing From Jerusalem Anointing Oil
In the Bible anointing oil is used to administer the power of God and set one aside as holy with an anointing oil blessing.

Holy land anointing oil was used to anoint kings, it was used as an offering to the Holy Spirit, it was used to show someone their true calling, and it’s still used for protection and power in prayer.

Giving and receiving blessing from Jerusalem anointing oil is simple and only takes making the sign of the cross using the oil on anything or anyone you wish to bless, much like holy water.

Essential religious objects may be anointed, you may anoint yourself during your moments of deep and contemplative prayer, and you may also anoint those you love for purposes of protection and direction from God.

How To Use Anointing Oil From Israel?
It’s simple to use holy anointing oil from Israel. If you wish to speak with the Lord in dreams or in prayer, you may dab the anointing oil from Jerusalem onto your temples and forehead before asking Him to come to you during your sleeping or prayerful state.

If you wish to see Him, you may dab the oil onto the forehead in between the eyes. If you’re prayer for a gift of healing or answers, you can use the oil onto your palms before you enter into a state of prayer.

Wherever you may need the power of God in your life, anointing oil can bring it to you. A customary way to receive an anointing oil blessing like that Jesus received from Mary is to apply the anointing oil from Israel to the feet, which may be used to lead you in the right direction in life.

Bringing An Anointing Oil Blessing To Others
Anointing oil can be a powerful tool to use when praying for others with an anointing oil blessing. As you pray with your fellowship, anointing the individual or individuals who really need a blessing with anointing oil can empower them with the mercy and love of God.

With an anointing oil from Jerusalem sent to you, you may bestow an anointing oil blessing whenever you need to feel a little extra of His power in your life.

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