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The Peace of God is a company that is dedicated to spreading the message of peace, love, and understanding across different religions and cultures. Our name represents the sensation of inner peace that we strive to bless our customers with through our products and services.

We understand that each person has their own unique way of connecting with God and their own beliefs and traditions. That's why we have designed our traditional products and souvenirs in a way that allows everyone to keep their faith close to them, no matter where they are or what they believe in.

Our goal is to promote unity and respect among all religions and cultures, and to celebrate the diversity that makes our world a beautiful place.

After 15 years of experience working with religious organizations, we are proud to offer a wide range of high-quality products that are made in Israel and carry deep spiritual and cultural meaning.

we sucssised with creating and designing traditional products that were made to keep our faith with us at any time, each in his own way.

So whether you're looking for a meaningful gift for a loved one or a special item to help you connect with your faith, The Peace of God has something for you. Let us help you find that peaceful place within you and experience the beauty and power of spirituality and tradition.

"The Peace of God" is a name that holds a lot of significance for us, and we wanted to share the reason behind it. Our goal is to provide a sense of peace and tranquility to all of our customers, regardless of their religious background or beliefs. We believe that everyone has their own unique way of connecting with God and that there is no one right way to do so.

Throughout our years of experience working with religious organizations, we have designed and created traditional products and souvenirs that allow people to keep their faith close to them at all times. Our products are made in Israel, a land that holds deep spiritual and cultural significance for many religions.

We believe in promoting peace and unity among all religions, and our products are a reflection of that belief. Each person is free to connect with their faith in their own beautiful way, and our goal is to provide products that can enhance that connection.

By honoring the sensation of "The Peace of God," we hope to spread a message of compassion, understanding, and self-forgiveness. We believe that by living in peace and unity with one another, we can create a better world for future generations to come.


We are pleased to introduce to you an ancient source of knowledge in a creative new way. The Jerusalem Nano Bible is the World's Smallest Printed Bible, made in Israel, it is just a 5*5mm aluminum surface that contains more than 1,000,000 letters engraved on it.

This nanos has been manufactured in Israel and the text can be examined and read through a specialized high-resolution electron microscope found in nanotechnology labs.

Using a new technology, we successfully designed a collection of jewelry that captures the holiness, ancient knowledge and tradition of the Holy Bible and the New Testament, while using motives that are inspired by it in our designs.

This creation came with a strong faith in heart and a great wish to spread the knowledge and the holy energy that are an integral part of our tradition and culture.

This powerful source of knowledge can accompany you throughout the day and strengthen your faith. Wearing the Nano jewelry induces the feeling of being blessed, safe, balanced, and strong belongingness.

This beautiful jewelry from the Holy Land could be your way to transfer your beliefs to the new generation and the next generations to come, while preserving your culture in a family legacy gift.

For the ultimate holy land experience we invite you to visit our 'Holy land Souvenirs' section, there you can find more products that may interest you.