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Bible Jewelry - NANO OId Bible



Nano Bible Jewelry - The Jerusalem Nano Bible ensures that the Word of God is with you all the time. 
A gift from the Holy Land that embodies the lengths to which technology and faith can blend into one another.
The Jerusalem Nano Bible is the World's Smallest Printed Bible and is currently available in it's original Hebrew (Old Bible) and the Greek Textus (Christian New Testament).

 Bible Jewelry From Israel:

Jerusalem Nano Bible Torah Silver Pendant - 12 Avnei Hoshen Inlaid


Lion of Judah Ring Silver & 9K Gold - Jerusalem Nano Bible Torah


Pendant Nano Sim Old Hebrew Bible TANAKH / Silver - Star of David


Silver Ring Jerusalem Nano Bible Torah - Star of David


Silver and 9K Gold Ring Jerusalem Nano Bible Torah - Star of David - Religious souvenirs


 Keep The Word With You With Bible Jewelry

A micro bible brings the power of these sacred texts with you wherever you may go. The world’s smallest bible, it’s held in nano jewelry to keep all of your favorite pieces of scripture with you and close to the heart.

Nano Bible Jewelry

A holy Bible pendant can be found to suit any need or taste, making them the perfect faith-based gift for anyone right from the holy land of Israel.

Holy Bible rings featuring the Nano Bible are also available for those who wish to keep the Word on hand as well as by the heart.

How Are Micro Bible Pieces Made?

As the world’s smallest printed bible, the Jerusalem Nano Bible is available in original Hebrew as the Old Bible as well as Greek Textus as the Christian New Testament. The bible is Nano lithographed in its entirely on a 5.5mm surface of silicone.

A wearable technological masterpiece, it’s a shining star of today’s Nano scientists and engineers.

Micro Bible nano jewelry pieces are made using lithograph technology placed onto a necklace, bracelet, or other nano Bible jewelry piece.

A Bible pendant, for instance, will feature the lithograph designs on a necklace featuring stone, sterling or other precious materials, surrounded by symbolism from Jerusalem.

David’s harp, the Tree of Life, the Star of David, or the Lion of Judah surrounds your micro Bible to create nano bible jewelry that is always beautifully presented. Each piece is backed by a one-year warranty.

Caring For Your Nano Jewelry

Handmade in Israel, each micro Bible piece is intricate but not difficult to care for. To care for your Bible pendant, use a soft polishing cloth to remove any tarnish or debris that may be on the surface of the piece, but avoid using any sort of harsh cleaner.

Keeping the splendor and beauty of your nano bible jewelry is as simple as an occasional gentle wipe.
Nano lithographed (imprinted) in full on a 5*5mm silicon surface.

The micron-sized Bible is truly a technological masterpiece, a wonderful product of ingenuity of Nano scientists and engineers.