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Wool Grafted In Messianic Prayer Shawl - Tallit ,Gold/Blue

Wool Grafted In Messianic Prayer Shawl - Gold/Blue

100% Pure Wool traditional tallit with the Messianic Grafted In Symbol. Perfect for Messianic worship leaders or any Believer who don the tallit during prayer. Available in blue/silver or blue/gold stripes and in 4 sizes.

" ברוך אתה ה' אלוקינו מלך העולם אשר קדשנו במצותיו וצונו להתעטף בציצית "

Tallit is a special shawl, which is used for prayer in Judaism. In the ancient times tallit was also used as a part of the traditional clothing, but sooner men started to use it exclusively for prayer.

Many Believers seeking their faith roots are finding inspiration and intimacy by covering themselves with a tallit during personal devotion time. The tallit represents a point of contact with the Almighty where those immersed in prayer can engage all their senses and connect to the spiritual realm of Heaven. It is a place of togetherness with God.

This prayer shawl is made of 100% pure, high-quality wool with the traditional stripes of a tallit. Among the stripes are Grafted In symbols, the ultimate symbol of the Messianic faith. This symbol combines the fish of Yeshua with the Judaic symbols of the menorah and Start of David.

Stripes are avaible in the combinations of Blue and Silver or Blue and Gold.

Available in four sizes:
Small - 24 x 71 inches / 60 x 180 cm
Medium - 36 x 71 inches / 91 x 180 cm
Large - 42 x 71 inches / 106 x 180 cm
X-Large - 55 x 71 inches / 140 x 180 cm

Made in Israel.