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Tribes of Israel Menorah / 8 inches - 20 cm

The Menorah

Small 7-branch Menorah decorated around its base with the symbols of the Tribes of Israel.

The Message Of The Menorah is that the light of Torah and the light of secular knowledge complement each other. Belief is the central focus, foundation, and basis of all secular wisdom.

Judaism's Oldest Symbol which once stood in the Holy Temple of Jerusalem, it has been a source of fascination and illumination for Jews, Samaritans, Evangelistic and Devout Christians, Jews for Jesus, Messianic Jews and Freemasons for three millennia.

Twelve Tribes Menorah

Small seven-branch Menorah decorated with the emblems of the Twelve Tribes of Israel around its octagonal base. The tribes of Israel are descended from the 12 sons of Jacob, each getting their own segment of the Kingdom of Israel and each represented by a symbol. This lovely little menorah is small enough to fit anywhere, but makes a bold statement.

Heights 8 inches - 20 cm

Available in 2 metal options:
  • Silver Plated
  • Gold Plated