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TORAH Anointing Oil - Light of Jerusalem - 27ml - Silver

A Treasure of Timeless Scents

Ein Gedi's Anointing oils of the Bible are produced by local perfumers in the tradition of the perfumes made in biblical times.
These oils are based on virgin olive oil andextracts of plants and flowers mentioned in the Bible including Myrrh , Frankincense , Spikenard , Rose of Sharon and Lily of the Valleys.
The oils come in unique bottles inspired by ancient perfime bottles unearthed at archaeological sites throughout the Holy Land .

Luxurious TORAH anointing oil bottle - gold Metal coated glass bottle, Filled with Light of Jerusalem original anointing oil. contains 27 ml. - 0.9 fl.oz. come in luxurious gift package

Licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Health

Made in Israel