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This Too Shall Pass Necklace

This Too Shall Pass Necklace - 9K Gold and Sterling Silver

A gorgeous, gold and sterling silver pendant necklace, hand-stamped in classic block Hebrew with the words "Gam Zeh Ya'avor" meaning "This too shall pass."

Legend has it that an ancient Eastern king asked his adviser to create something for him that would make him happy when he was sad. The adviser engraved a gold ring with the words "this too shall pass", as a reminder to the king that even the worst situations eventually pass. Jewish folklore casts King Solomon as the king, giving rise to the popular Hebrew phrase gam zeh ya'avor. .

Width:0.65" (16.5mm)

Materials: Silver & gold 9k

includes a sterling silver chain : 50 cm / 19.68"

Made in Israel.

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