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The Health and Recuperation Kit - Personalized Candle, Cedar of Lebanon Anointing Oil, Holy water and Lavender Incense FREE SHIPPING

The perfect kit to bring Health and Recuperation into your life! 

  • Cedar of Lebanon Anointing oil for daily prayer -100 ml, 3.74fl.oz

This special blend of oils and flowers was made by secret formula that have been traditionally used over the years.

  • A candle with a special prayer with your name for a seven-day blessing

The preparation time of the candle is seven days, during which every day the candle is anointed with prayer oil and blessed. At the end of the seven days it is sent to you. You should read the personal prayer written on it and light it for a week.

  • Holy water 100 ml, 3.74fl.oz and Lavender incense (Each packet contains 8 Incense Sticks) to purify your home and give way to new energy

The Lavender Purifies the body and mind.  It has abilities to relieve depression, mental trauma and nervous breakdown. It has effective sedative properties for the treatment of sleep disorders, anxiety, stress, headaches, migraines, relieves the respiratory system in situations of cough, colds and flu, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and sore throat.

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