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Talit with Matching Bag - Messianic Tallit for Christian Jewish Prayer , NAVY BLUE

Talit with Matching Bag - Messianic Tallit for Christian Jewish Prayer , NAVY BLUE

" ברוך אתה ה' אלוקינו מלך העולם אשר קדשנו במצותיו וצונו להתעטף בציצית "

Tallit is a special shawl, which is used for prayer in Judaism. In the ancient times tallit was also used as a part of the traditional clothing, but sooner men started to use it exclusively for prayer.

The Covenant Prayer Shawl "Tallit" is designed with the main center Christian prayer in Hebrew letters & the 4 prayers embroidered on the 4 corners In English. The unique early Christian sign is embroidered with thread.

All 4 corners contain the white and turquoise thread plus the Sign contains the 7 Candle holder "Menorah" on top, The Star of David in the middle and the Pomegranate on the bottom.

We Bring You an Authentic Tallit
For whoever wears the garment, from whatever faith, it must be seamless. This is to remind God's people that they are to remain pure and obey Him. The seamless nature of the garment also illustrates that there is only one God and only one savior.

The Material 100% Acrylic Polyester

size is 72" X 22" ( 180cm x 56cm).

The Tallit comes in a matching bag with zipper from the same material of High Quality 100% Acrylic Polyester. this Jewish prayer shawl includes a unique plastic guarding case and a matching bag with zipper for safe and practical transportation, preventing mold, bad smells and other damage to the delicate fabric and texture.

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