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Sterling Silver Spinning Cylinder Necklace with Angels' Names

Sterling Silver with 9K Gold Spinning Cylinder Necklace with Angels' Names

This unusual pendant has been beautifully crafted from gleaming silver and gold to create a perfect, shining finish. The cylinder's top and base are made from gold; the four silver segments have each been engraved with the names of three angels. The pendant's cylindrical shape is reminiscent of that of a mezuzah case. According to Kabbalistic beliefs, each of these angels represents a way in which God interacts with us and our world, and largely correspond to the Sephirot - attributes - also known as the Tree of Life. It is believed that these angels will protect and guide the wearer.

The 12 angels' names are: Aviel, Michael, Nuriel; Raziel, Chasdiel, Tzadkiel; Tachmiel, Samchiel, Azriel; Gavriel, Uriel and Refael.

Size: 16mm x 8mm / 0.63" x 0.32"

Materials: Silver & 9k gold

includes a sterling silver chain : 50 cm / 19.68"

Made in Israel.