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Sterling Silver & Onyx Signet Ring,Holy Names

Sterling Silver & Onyx Signet Ring,Holy Names

This beautiful ring manages to combine media and styles into an organic and natural synthesis. The sterling silver body is deeply engraved throughout into a signet style with Stars of David.

A large central deep black onyx stone occupies the top of the ring. It is surrounded by several of the Kabbalistic names of God, each of which is believed to hold a different power or charm for its wearer, including love, health, and protection from the evil eye.

A 925 silver ring studded with onyx combined with the creator's names
SAL - Spiritual and material wealth, virtue for livelihood and success.
SHA - A Cosmic Pair of Purple Love and Couples Continuity
ELD - Evil-Eye Protection and Sexual Offenses, Purpose for Protection and Protection
MSH- a virtue for mental and physical health
HH - Free love for couples and cosmic love

Size: All ring sizes are available

Made in Israel.