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Sterling Silver and Chrysoberyl Spiral Ring with Angels Inscription, Kabbalah Blessing Engraved Ring israel

925 Sterling Silver Spiral Ring with "Gods Shekel" Blessing inlaid with Crisobril Stone

The angels were sent from a Supreme Creator to our ancestors to teach and educate them in the ancient paths of wisdom.
The angels are the messengers of the Creator, whose job is to perform various actions.
Each angel carries the essence of his existence and virtue in the letters of his name

The Cat Eye / Crisobril - Evil Eye Clearance, connects man to a path of spiritual connection, brings happiness and happiness, affords abundance and maintains financial stability.

This ring offers a stunning combination of contemporary creation and ancient tradition. Beautifully crafted from silver, this ring features an unusual spiral shape with a protruding Chrysoberyl at its center. The bands of metal have been engraved with a traditional prayer for protection recited with the bedtime Shema: Mimini Michael u'mismoli Gavriel milfanai Uriel me'achorai Refael u'ma'ali Shechinat El - Michael at my right, Gavriel at my left, Uriel behind me and Refael in front of me: and above me, God's presence.

Size: All ring sizes are available

Made in Israel.