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Shema Israel Sterling Silver Necklace, Star of David and Cat's Eye Stone

Shema Israel Necklace, Sterling Silver, Star of David and Cat's Eye Stone

A beautiful piece of jewelry with a Kabbalistic flavor, this will be a treasured gift for a lifetime. This beautiful necklace combines many elements into a wonderfully harmonious whole! The ornate sterling silver frame features a unique Star of David symbol which is set at its center with an exquisitely polished cat's eye stone.

Engraved around the Star of David is the Hebrew text of the opening sacred words of Shema Israel, a mystical prayer written in the first century by the great sage and Kabbalist, Rabbi Nehunia Ben Hakannah.

Cat's Eye describes a gemstone polished into a cabochon that displays a narrow band of concentrated light going accross the width of the stone.

Size: 2.1 cm X 1.1 cm / 0.8" X 0.4"

includes a sterling silver chain : 50 cm / 19.68"

Made in Israel