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Round Pendant with Magen David and Angels Names

Round Pendant with Magen David and Angels Names
Silver & Gold 9K with Black Onyx Stones.

The Star of David - an ancient symbol of protection, has a deep sacred meaning and is considered a reliable shield against negative energy.

Archangel Michael - "Who is like God," according to the Bible, created first and called "First among equals," will help in understanding your destiny and in achieving your goal.
Archangel Gabriel - "The Power of God", delivering messages from God, will help in the development of your super abilities and protect you from all evil.
Archangel Uriel - "The Light of God," the patron of peace and salvation, carries within himself the light of the Lord and protects your soul throughout life.
Archangel Raphael - "Doctor of God", heals the body and soul, helps to strengthen health and peace of mind. It is believed that it was he who handed to King Solomon a famous ring with a seal.
Archangel Hasdiel - "The angel of grace".
Archangel Zadkiel - "Is the angel of justice".

Size: Ø24,8x5.2 mm (Ø0,98x0.2 inch)

Weight: 9.1g (0.32oz)

Material: Sterling Silver & Gold 9K

includes a sterling silver chain : 50 cm / 19.68"

Made in Israel.

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