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Ring Silver & Gold 9k with Heart , and Angels Names

Ring Silver & Gold 9k with Heart , and Angels Names

The Kabbalah Ring with Angels Blessing Seal made of high-quality silver and gold, will not only protect you and your loved ones from evil eye and spoilage, but will also be an original jewelry that has a huge sacral value.
On the ring sides, a prayer is engraved to the four Elder Angels of God (see below), giving protection to the Higher Powers: "To my right is Michael; to my left, Gabriel; Uriel before me; For me, Raphael, and above me the Divine presence ".
Archangel Michael - "Who is like God," according to the Bible, created first and called "First among equals," will help in understanding your destiny and in achieving your goal.
Archangel Gabriel - "The Power of God", delivering messages from God, will help in the development of your super abilities and protect you from all evil.
Archangel Uriel - "The Light of God," the patron of peace and salvation, carries within himself the light of the Lord and protects your soul throughout life.
Archangel Raphael - "Doctor of God", heals the body and soul, helps to strengthen health and peace of mind. It is believed that it was he who handed to King Solomon a famous ring with a seal.

Size: All ring sizes are available

Made in Israel.