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Prayer Set - Shofar Ram's Horn 25-29cm, Tallit with Matching Bag in Purple, and Light of Jerusalem 12ml Anointing Oil in FREE SHIPPING

  • Light of Jerusalem Anointing oil for daily prayer -12 ml, 3.74fl.oz

This special blend of oils and flowers was made by secret formula that have been traditionally used over the years.

  • A Tallit with Matching Bag in Turquoise

Tallit is a special shawl, which is used for prayer in Judaism. In the ancient times tallit was also used as a part of the traditional clothing, but sooner men started to use it exclusively for prayer.

  • Natural Ram's Horn Shofar 25-29cm

A Shofar is a natural instrument made from animal horn that has been in use since Biblical times. The shofar is mentioned frequently in the Hebrew Bible. It was a shofar blast that emanated from the thick cloud on Mount Sinai and made the Israelites tremble in awe (Exodus 19-20).

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