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pendant Star of David with Dove of Peace, silver & 9k gold

pendant Star of David with Dove of Peace. silver & 9k gold

Star of David is known to mankind since ancient times. The first products with the image of Magen David were found during excavations in Sidon, dated to the 7th century BC. The Star of David was depicted on the shields of warriors and was called the Shield of David.
The Star of David - an ancient symbol of protection, has a deep sacred meaning and is considered a reliable shield against negative energy.

The dove became a universal symbol of peace because the dove returned the olive leaf to Noah to show that the waters receded after the Great Flood.

In the Song of Songs, a touching depiction of the loving relationship between God and His nation, the “dove” is an adjective often used to describe the bride, the Jewish people. One explanation for this symbolism is that “Like a dove, when she meets her mate, she never leaves him for another ... and just like a dove, whose chicks are taken from her nest, still does not leave its nest ..., like the Jews. people faithful to God.”

Width: 0.83" - 21.2mm

Height : 1.08" - 27.5mm

Weight : 0.188oz -5.34gr

Material: Sterling Silver & Gold 9K

includes a sterling silver chain : 50 cm / 19.68"

Made in Israel