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pendant Star of David with "Chai" , silver & 9k gold

pendant Star of David with "Chai" . silver & 9k gold

The shape of this pendant incorporates the symbolic Star of David, also called the Jewish star (orin Hebrew, 'Magen David') with the Hebrew word 'chai' which can be translated to mean 'living' or 'alive'. For Judaism is a very much alive culture, full of rich traditions and beautiful lessons and morals. And the Star of David signifies the nation's past, being the shape of King David's shield,and becoming the worldwide symbol for Jews ever since World War Two and the Holoca ust. The star has been with us through the ages and we are still here, alive.
What better a way to show your love for your Jewish roots than to wear such a pendant?

Width: 0.83" - 21.2mm

Height : 1.08" - 27.5mm

Weight : 0.188oz -5.35gr

Material: Sterling Silver & Gold 9K

includes a sterling silver chain : 50 cm / 19.68"

Made in Israel