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Pectoral Jerusalem Cross w/ Blue Opal Gemstone Sterling Silver Pendant Jewelry

Pendant Jerusalem Cross with Blue Opal, Sterling Silver

The Jerusalem Cross or “Pilgrim Cross” is made out of sterling silver and Blue Opal. It is considered a powerful protective amulet against negative energy and protection from the evil eye.

The Jerusalem Cross has come to symbolize that deep connection between Jerusalem and the Believer. The recognizable shape of the Jerusalem Cross, a large central cross with four smaller crosses adjacent, has a beautiful meaning. It is said the central cross is Jesus and Jerusalem and the smaller crosses each represent one of the Evangelists and the four directions into which Christianity will reach.

The Jerusalem cross symbolizes Jesus Christ and his four apostles who wrote the four Gospels.

Width: 0.80" (20.3mm)

Height : 1.11" (28.3mm)

Material: Sterling Silver 

includes a sterling silver chain : 50 cm / 19.68"

Made in Israel