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Olive Wood and Silver Plated Rosary

The Rosary

Make Prayer Your Lifestyle. Catholic Rosary from Jerusalem is a traditional, religious attribute in many cultures. People use them to concentrate on prayer and communication with their Father above.

Rosary beads are an important part of any religion, and are used for communication with God. Going through the rosary beads, a person counts the prayers and concentrates on a connection with God. In addition, the shuffling of the beads helps focus and develop motor skills. Christian rosary beads are made out of brown plastic. Like all Christian prayer beads, the rosary beads are adorned with a crucifix with a medal of Saint Benedict

Rosary beads is an important attribute of prayer in many world religions. While perambulating beads, a person can concentrate on reading prayers and communicating with God. A distinctive feature of the Christian rosary is the presence of the crucifix.

Rosary is not only a valuable souvenir, reflecting the rich history and culture of Israel, but also an important religious attribute, which is used by representatives of different religions. The main purpose of the rosary is that in the process of fingering beads, praying person counts prayers and fully focuses on communion with God.
In addition, the beads help to relieve stress, concentrate and develop fine motor skills of fingers. Christian rosary beads are made of natural olive wood in a traditional style. The wood gives each bead a unique texture and color. Traditionally, the lower part of the beads are decorated with a crucifix and metal decorative elements.

Silver Plated and Olive Wood Rosary

Length: 50 cm / 19.70"

Hand crafted from genuine Olive Wood from the Holy Land.

Includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Made in Israel