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Jerusalem Nano Bible Torah 14K Gold Pendant - Star of Magen David Gift from Holy Land

Nano Sim OB 14K Gold Pendant - Star of Magen David

Round Pendant w/ Star of Magen David Nano Sim Gold 14K from Holy Land

The symbol of Magen David or the Shield of David is a famous symbol of Judaism depicted on the modern flag of Israel. The first mention of the Star of David appeared in connection with the shields of the soldiers of King David.

This Special design product was inspired by the Star of Magen David

The jewelry is embedded with 5*5mm Old Bible Nano sim.

It is hand-made of 14k Gold, For your convenience the pendant has an attached 14K Gold necklace , The jewelry will be provided packed in a gift box.

For your most important question, whether it contains the whole Old Bible?

The answer is Yes, it definitely does.

We are granting you a Two-year warranty from the date of purchase.

  • Size: Ø1,05" - 2,68 cm
  • Weight without chain: 0,09 oz - 2.57 gr
  • Chain length: 16.53"- 42 cm
  • Material: Gold 14K
  • Chain material: Gold 14K
  • Country of origin: Israel (Hand Made)