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Large Knops Ornamental Menorah 10 inches - 26 cm

The Menorah

Four metal options in this plated menorah designed with elegant 'knops' as describes in Exodus 25:31-36.

The Message Of The Menorah is that the light of Torah and the light of secular knowledge complement each other. Belief is the central focus, foundation, and basis of all secular wisdom.

Judaism's Oldest Symbol which once stood in the Holy Temple of Jerusalem, it has been a source of fascination and illumination for Jews, Samaritans, Evangelistic and Devout Christians, Jews for Jesus, Messianic Jews and Freemasons for three millennia.

The Large Knops Menorah

Exodus 25 describes how the first menorah should be designed. Since then the menorah has been in constant use by the Judaic faith resulting in many different designed.. One of the prominent design elements mentioned in Exodus is the 'knop' -- an ornamental knob on a glass or candelabra -- and is this menorah's central design feature. All the branches and the stem have variations on the knop, making for a lovely large menorah for your home or worship space.

Metal options: Silver Plating, Gold Plating, Silver and Gold Plating, Pewter Plating -- both over a solid brass foundation.

Heights 10 inches - 26 cm

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