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Kosher Shofar - Hand Engraved Shofar"Lion of Judah" 110-115 cm

Hand Engraved Shofar"Lion of Judah" 110-115 cm Kosher Shofar

“In The Place Where You Hear The Sound Of The Shofar, Rally To Us There. Our God Will Fight For Us.” (Nehemiah 4:20)

The carvings on this shofar feature 'The Lion of Judah' in all it's glory coming to 'life' through the 3D technique used to create this piece. Around the body features the words 'Lion of Judah'.

this magnificent and alluring Yemenite kudu shofar horn is a splendid creation that perfectly blends nature’s beauty with man’s ingenuity.

A tasteful and unforgettable gift to give to someone you love, start your holiday season the right way with this spectacular masterpiece from the Holy Land! 

Made in Israel.

The shofar size is 110-115cm \ 43''-45.5''

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