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Israeli Traditional Set - Talits - Anointing Oil - Menorah . Free Shipping

Give The Gift Of Light From The HOLY LAND - A truly spiritual gift for someone you love - This is a gift given from the heart and will touch the heart of the recipient in ways that only something so ancient can.

  • Small 7-branch Menorah decorated around its base with the symbols of the Tribes of Israel. Heights 5 inches - 13 cm, Silver Plated
  • Talit - Messianic Tallit for Christian Jewish Prayer , Navy Blue The Material 100% Acrylic Polyester. size is 72" X 22" ( 180cm x 56cm).
  • The Tallit comes in a matching bag with zipper from the same material of High Quality 100% Acrylic Polyester. this Jewish prayer shawl includes a unique plastic guarding case and a matching bag with zipper for safe and practical transportation, preventing mold, bad smells and other damage to the delicate fabric and texture.
  • The Original Perfumes of The Bible

Anointing Oil Spikenard 10 ml 0.34 fl.oz.
Anointing Oil Myrrh 10 ml 0.34 fl.oz.
Anointing Oil Frankincense 10 ml 0.34 fl.oz.
" Spikenard and Saffron : Calamus and
Cinnamon .with all trees of Frankincense;
Myrrh and Aloes, with all the chief spices"
( Song of Solomon 4:14)

Made in Israel

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