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Hoshen - Silver & 9K Gold "Twelve Tribes" Ring with Priestly Blessing

Hoshen - Silver & 9K Gold "Twelve Tribes" Ring with Priestly Blessing

This elegant and meaningful Ring displays the Hoshen, the breastplate worn in biblical times by the High Priest. The twelve colorful stones, including a white diamond, of the Hoshen are individually encased in circles of 9K gold,

The most powerful amulet of Kabbalah in the form of an ancient manuscript, made out of silver , engraved with the prayer “Blessing of Priests”. Engraved on a silver plate, the prayer “May God bless you and keep you safe” is considered, in Kabbalah, to be the most powerful means of protection and is taken from the book of Numbers (6: 23-25) “ Birkat Kohanim “ Priestly Blessing ”or , “Aaron's Blessing” has the tremendous energy of protection given by the Lord to its people.

This rare Ring is a stunning work of art! Masterfully crafted from 9K gold and Silver studded with the 12 stones of the breastplate.

Names and Values of Stones

REUBEN - stone RUBY - adds vitality and energy
JUDAH - stone GARNET - attracts abundance and success in business. weaken the negative energy.
DAN - stone AMBER - maintains prosperity and quality of life. gives joy and strength.
ASHER - stone AQUAMARINE - has soothing properties focuses on.
SIMEON - stone TOPAZ - Suppresses fear and gives peace of mind.
ISSACHAR - stone SAPPHIRE - Strengthens health, gives courage.
NAPHTALI - stone AGATE - has healing properties, strengthens health. gives self-confidence.
JOSEPH - stone ONYX - Supports self-control and endurance. improves memory.
LEVI - stone EMERALD - has a strong energy of healing. relieves stress.
ZEBULUN - stone DIAMOND - protects from evil eye and spoilage, eliminates negative energy.
GAD - stone AMETHYST - Removes anxiety and fear. Maintains peace of mind and harmony.
BENJAMIN - stone JASPER - helps in making the right decisions. encourages the development of physical strength and endurance.

Size: All ring sizes are available

Material: Sterling Silver & Gold 9K

Made in Israel