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Gemsbok Oryx Shofar

Gemsbok Oryx Shofar

“In The Place Where You Hear The Sound Of The Shofar, Rally To Us There. Our God Will Fight For Us.” (Nehemiah 4:20)

Beautiful straight dark brown to black shofar from the Gembok, also known as the Southern African Oryx.

The gemsbok shofar is made from the horn of the antelope called the Southern African Oryx or the Gemsbok. The shofars are beautiful horns long, straight horns in colors ranging from dark brown to black.

They have a polished finish, but with the gorgeous natural ridges in tact towards the end of the shofar. The Oryx make for novel and striking shofarot. They are known to be relatively easy to play, but will take practice.

The shofar size is 60-70 cm \ 23''-27''

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