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Essence of Jerusalem - Anointing oil Lily of the Valleys 30 ml 1 fl.oz.

Lily of the valleys: In some Christian teaching , Mary's tears turned to lily of the valley when she cried at the crucifixion of jesus, and because of this it is also known as Mary's tears. Lily of the valley is also considered the sign of Christ's second coming .as other herbs and flowers of the time , Lily of the valley has been uesd for medicinal purposes. lt is believed to strengthen memory, to restore speech and as as liquor smeared on the forehead and the back of the neck , to make one have good common sense.

" I am the rose of Sharon , and the lily of the valleys.
As the lily among thorns, so is my love
among the daughters. As the apple tree among the trees of the
wood , so is my beloved among the sons.
I sat down under his shadow with great delight ,
and his fruit was swsst to my taste ."
( Song of Solomon 2:1-3)

Anointing oil Lily of the Valleys 30 ml 1 fl.oz.

This special blend of oils and flowers was made by secret formula that have been traditionally used over the years.

The product supplied in elegant glass bottle packed in box for safekeeping.
The original products of the Ein Gedi brand Ltd.

All Ein Gedi products have Ministry of Health approvals.

Made in Israel.

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