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Tales a Tel Tells: Children's Story of Beit-She'an

Tales a Tel Tells: Children's Story of Beit-She'an

Soft cover book for kids. A rhyming story about the history of the 6000 year old City of Beit She'an from ancient to modern times, vividly illustrated.

What a wonderful way to give your children's a gift from the Holy Land

Esther, a 12 year old Israeli girl, travels through time and meets children from the past: Sirgofen the Egyptian girl, Ruben the Israelite, Yuliana the Roman and Musa the Muslim. All of them used to live at the different eras at the city of Beit-she'an, on the north-east of the Holy land. The contemporary Israeli girl Esther, who tells the story, leads us through the periods and introduces her long-gone friends. She reveals her secret: "Out of my window I look at the Biblical Tel, Eighteen layers of periods it does swell. Then sometimes I dream my mother bakes An eighteen layer cream ‘n chocolate cake!" Beit-she'an is a 6000 year old settlement, 4000 of them are buried in the bowels of the earth, while the remnants of the magnificent Roman city of Beit-she'an, which was ruined in a massive earthquake, are close at hand and call for us to visit. The reading is accompanied by a time-table (p. 22), which will help the young readers and adults as well to find their way through the layers of time.

Author: Sarit Gani

Illustrations: Nataliya Chernysheva

A fun interactive way for small children to learn to read.

Language: English

Books From Holy Land

Made in Israel.