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Bible Stories Quartets Card Game

Bible Stories Quartets Card Game

Game consists of 9 Quartets (set of four cards) in which each set of cards is related to one important old Testament Biblical figure such as Noah, Abraham, or Ruth.

On each card you will find beautiful illustrations of the Biblical figures. The cards have the names of the figure in addition to a four stories related to that figure.

Players must collect all 4 cards in the quartet before they can claim to have “captured” that character. Game play is similar to the game “Go Fish”, but slightly more complex.

The game focuses on teaching how one figure played a role in many Biblical events, while having bonding with your kids and having fun
The game consists of 36 cards measuring 3 x 4 ½ inches and come in a brightly illustrated box 4 ¾ x 3 ¼ x 1 inch in size.

For Ages 6 and up, 2 or more players.

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Made in Israel.