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The Baptism of Jesus Children's Book

The Baptism of Jesus Children's Book

Children's Book "The Baptism of Jesus: A Story from the Jordan River"

What a wonderful way to give your children's a gift from the Holy Land

by Rev. Jim Reimann illustrations by Najwan Zoubl Written for children in rhyme, this book portrays another important teaching to add that is the Lord Jesus, being baptized by John, fulfilled Old Testament prophecy and declared himself to be the promised Messiah in Isaiah 40:3. This book is based on Bible story portion Mark 1:1-11. The late Jim Reimann was an ordained minister and teacher for over 30 years. He lead pilgrims to the Holy Land at least twice each year for more than a decade. His experience, knowledge and faith make his stories Biblically correct and historically accurate.

Text by Rev Jim Reimann
Illustrations by Rony Tamir

Print length : 27 pages
Soft Cover

A fun interactive way for small children to learn to read.

Language: English

Books From Holy Land

Made in Israel.