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Star of David Mosaic Pocket Notebook

Star of David Mosaic Pocket Notebook

This mini-notebook is perfect for your purse or backpack. It has a hard cover with a spiral binding. The cover features a lovely image of the ancient mosaic of the Star of David found in the archeological site called Tel Shiloh.

Tel Shiloh is north of Jerusalem between Jerusalem and Nablus. Shiloh was the religious capital of Israel during the times of the Judges, and spans 4,000 years of continuous settlement starting from the 18th century BCE. Shiloh was an assembly place for the people of Israel and a center of worship. Its sacred area was the Tabernacle (The Mishkan) which housed the Ark of Covenant

Printed in Israel

Size: 2 3/4 x 4 1/4 inches | 7 cm x 11 cm

Holy Land Notebook

Made in Israel.