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Masada Judea's Last Stand Children's Book

Masada Judea's Last Stand Children's Book

Soft Cover book for Kids. The Story of the Heroic Warriors of Masada

What a wonderful way to give your children's a gift from the Holy Land

Masada is a plateau overlooking the southern tip of the Dead Sea in the Judean Desert. Its cliffs rise 1300 feet and its isolation made it the perfect site for King Herod to build a large palace complex in the first century BC.Masada would eventually become very important during the Great Revolt by the Jews against the Roman Empire.

This books tells the story of the heroic warriors of Masada and their sacrifice two thousand years ago. The format is designed to interest and inform young readers about the history of this remarkable historical site in southern Israel, which draws thousands of vistors annually.

Text by J. Spencer Bloch
Illustrations by Rony Tamir

16 Pages
Soft Cover

Includes a glossary explaining terms in a why little ones can understand.

A fun interactive way for small children to learn to read.

Language: English

Books From Holy Land

Made in Israel.