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Plush Sitting Bear Israel

Plush Sitting Bear Israel

A terrific gift from the Holy Land.
Delight your little one with this beautiful and Stuffed Animals!

Absolutely adorable plush bear complete with a kippah on his hear, a tallit on his shoulders, and a heart with the Israel flag on his belly. Beanbag weighted bottom so they will sit up without assistance.

If you want something special to always remember Israel, this plush bear would be ideal. Made from very sofy plush fabric and weighted in the bottom with a beanbag so it can sit unassisted. Colored Israel blue, he wears a kippah (yarmulka) on his head, a tallit (prayer shawl on his shoulders, green he wears and army hat, a heart with the Israel flag on his belly and "Israel" is embroidered on his right arm. Wouldn't he look so adorable sitting on the edge of a desk or shelf?

Height: 8 1/2 inches | 22 cm

Holy Land Games

Made in Israel.