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Birds of Israel Memory Game

Birds of Israel Memory Game

A fun and interactive game to teach about the amazing birds of Israel while improving their memory skills. A fun free bird index is included in the box so you can learn the names of each of bird featured in the game.

Beautifully photographed glossy cardboard cards bring the flowers to life.

During gameplay all cards are placed facedown. Each player selects two cards. If the Biblical figure on the first card is the figure featured in the story on the second card, that player gets to keep the card set.
Game consists of 48 cards for 24 pairs to fine.

Suitable for ages 3 and up. 2 or more players.

Israel's birds are very interesting and diverse. The country is located between the temperate and the tropical zones. Israel is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, there is desert, mountains, fresh water rivers and lake, and fertile fields. Due to this hugely differing environments, the species of Israel are also hugely diverse. Israel loves and cares for it wildlife and lands establishing over 190 nature reserves throughout the small country.

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Made in Israel.