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Triple Threat: Brightening, Firming & Hydrating Body Cream (100ml)

Unleash Your Total Body Radiance:

Triple Threat is a revolutionary 100ml body cream designed to deliver a powerful combination of brightening, firming, and hydrating benefits for your entire body, neck, and décolletage. This luxurious formula tackles visible signs of aging and uneven skin tone, revealing a youthful and radiant look from head to toe.

Experience a Three-Step Transformation:

  • Combat Pigmentation & Achieve Radiance: Experience a visible reduction in dark spots, age spots, and uneven skin tone (pigmentation) with continued daily use. Natural ingredients work synergistically to gently lighten and even your skin tone, leaving your body glowing.
  • Firming & Lifting: Say goodbye to sagging skin and loss of elasticity. This hydrating formula helps to restore your skin's natural firmness and suppleness, leaving it feeling youthful and lifted.
  • Deep Hydration & Comfort: Triple Threat provides deep hydration that lasts, quenching dry skin and leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and comfortable.

A Sensory Delight:

  • Subtle & Sophisticated Scent: This cream features a light and unobtrusive scent that won't interfere with your favorite perfume, allowing you to create your own personalized fragrance experience.
  • Experience the Transformation: See the visible lightening of dark spots and discoloration (pigmentation), feel your skin soften and regain elasticity. Witness the overall improvement in your skin's tone and texture.

Triple Threat is your gateway to a more radiant, youthful-looking you. Order yours today and experience the difference a complete body care routine can make!

The original products of the Minus 417 brand Ltd.
All Minus 417 products have Ministry of Health approvals.

Made in Israel.