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Anointing Oil - Hyssop "Purification" 100 ml 3.74 fl.oz.

Anointing Oil - Hyssop "Purification" 100ml, 3.74 fl.oz

"Purge me with hyssop , and I shall be clean ;
wash me,and I shall be whiter than snow"
( Psalm 51:7 )

The basis of the Anointing Oil with Spikenard is virgin olive oil which is complemented by a variety of plant components. Using the oil for the home prayers, you will protect your family from the negative energy and the evil forces, and the anointing of this oil will find peace and get rid of many ailments.

The Anointing Oil with Hyssop has pleasant aroma and is used in various church services. Also it is used for everyday home prayers and for healing the sick. Hyssop was used in the ancient times as a remedy against colds. Due to that the Anointing Oil with Hyssop will help to cope with the first signs of the cold, will speed up the recovery and will attract positive energy to your home and family.

Traditional collection of Anointing oil at 100 ml, including 6 different scents.

This special blend of oils and flowers was made by secret formula that have been traditionally used over the years.

The product is supplied in elegant firm plastic bottle.

The original products of the Ein Gedi brand Ltd.

All Ein Gedi products have Ministry of Health approval

Made in Israel.