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Ana Bekoach Prayer Blessing Mezuzah Pendant, Sterling Silver & Gold 9K

Ana Bekoach Prayer Blessing Mezuzah Pendant

Sterling Silver & Gold 9K

Mezuzah amulet on the neck of silver, with a gold letter insert and engraved prayer “Ana Bekoach” from the Psalms of David (Ascension Song)

The tradition of using mezuzah has been known since ancient times. Initially, the mezuzah was attached only to the door jamb.
Wearing a mezuzah for protection is not prohibited by the Talmut and people began to take mezuzah with them.
Since then, the mezuzah on the chain is considered a wonderful amulet that can protect from external evil.

Length of pendant: 3.6 cm / 1.4"

Material: Sterling Silver & Gold 9K

includes a sterling silver chain : 50 cm / 19.68"

Made in Israel