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Acrylic Prayer Shawl -Tallit , Gold/Blue

Acrylic Tallit. Available in a variety of sizes and color combinations.

" ברוך אתה ה' אלוקינו מלך העולם אשר קדשנו במצותיו וצונו להתעטף בציצית "

Tallit is a special shawl, which is used for prayer in Judaism. In the ancient times tallit was also used as a part of the traditional clothing, but sooner men started to use it exclusively for prayer.

Many Believers seeking their faith roots are finding inspiration and intimacy by covering themselves with a tallit during personal devotion time. The tallit represents a point of contact with the Almighty where those immersed in prayer can engage all their senses and connect to the spiritual realm of Heaven. It is a place of togetherness with God.

Traditionally designed Acrylic prayer shawl.

This traditional prayer shawl is the most recognizable design of tallit. It can be worn at prayer, or by a groom at his wedding.

The origin of the Tallit lies in Numbers 15 calling for the attachment of fringes to the four-cornered garments, worn during Biblical times, as a reminder of the 613 commandments of the Lord.

Today, a growing number of Believers consider the use of a Tallit as most important. Wrapping oneself with the prayer shawl is meant to assist in focusing on prayer. It is symbolic to wrapping oneself with G-d's Love as one prays.

Available in four sizes:

Small - 24 x 71 inches / 60 x 180 cm

Medium - 36 x 71 inches / 91 x 180 cm

Large - 44 x 71 inches / 112 x 180 cm

X-Large - 55 x 71 inches / 140 x 180 cm

Made in Israel.