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72 Holy Names Silver ring, kabbalah jewelry, jewish wedding rings,

72 Holy Names Silver ring, kabbalah jewelry, jewish wedding rings,

This superbly crafted sterling silver ring will be a treasured heirloom for generations! It is not only very beautiful, but also filled with real meaning and depth.

All around the body of the ring are inscribed by hand all 72 holy names of God.

The concept is based on the Hebrew text of Exodus 14:19-21. The set of verses is the basis for an ancient Kabbalistic formula, whereby it rearranges into 72 three-letter words, each representing one of Hashem's holy names.

Each name is intended to give a different variety of protection or success to the wearer. For example, Heh - Heh - Ayin is said to be a segula (charm) for true love, Mem - Heh - Shin is said to offer the wearer healing and protection against disease, and Aleph - Lamed - Dalet is said to offer the wearer protection against the evil eye

The Creator's Names were created from three verses in the Book of Names of the Tearing of the Red Sea.
The names consist of a combination of the three verses.
The first letter from verse 19, the last letter from verse 24, the first from verse E and so on.
SAL - Spiritual and material wealth, virtue for livelihood and success.
SHA - a cosmic pairing of love and love continuity
ELD - Evil-Eye Protection and Sexual Offenses, Purpose for Protection and Protection
MSH- a virtue for mental and physical health
HH - Free love for couples and cosmic love

The ring is suitable for men or women.

Size: All ring sizes are available

Made in Israel.