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Spinning Rings Jewelry

We at The Peace of God have chosen a quality range of different styles of jewelry designers 925 sterling silver rings and 14K gold that are suitable for both man and women.
A special design of these rings allows additional rings to rotate on the central ring.
These rings have a powerful energetic ability based on the strong belief attributed to the codes inherent in the decoration of the rings and the combination of the sentences and verses from the Old Bible that adorn the jewel and give them the virtues attributed to them throughout the years.

Now you can choose the ring you want for prosperity, abundance, livelihood, success, health, love, relationships, marriage, against the evil eye, guarding and protection, fulfilling heart desires and more ,,,,,

To do this easily you can click on the filter button in the menu which is called "Blessing" and then select the blessing you are interested in,
For any question and consultation you can click on the help button on the website or send an email, our staff will be happy to help you.

Spinning Rings Jewelry From Israel:

The Road Prayer Ring


The Road Prayer Ring 9k Gold & Silver


The Ring of Combinations


Silver ring The four blessings


Rotating ring - the three blessings


Rotating ring - God's dwelling


Rotating ring "Shema Israel"


Rotating ring "Shema Israel"


Rotating ring "Shema Israel"


Rotating ring "Priestly Blessing"


Rotating ring "I Am for My Beloved…"


Rotating ring "because his angels"


Rotating combination ring


Ring Spinning the three blessings