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Nano New Testament Bible Jewelry

The Jerusalem Nano Bible ensures that the Word of God is with you all the time. A gift from the Holy Land that embodies the lengths to which technology and faith can blend into one another.
The Jerusalem Nano Bible is the World's Smallest Printed Bible and is currently available in it's original Hebrew (Old Bible) and the Greek Textus (Christian New Testament).
New Testament Bible Jewelry:


Silver Ring Nano Bible New Testament with White Enamel - Cross


Silver and 9K Gold Ring Jerusalem Nano New Testament - Cross


Silver Ring Jerusalem Nano New Testament with Black Enamel - Cross


Jerusalem Cross with Nano New Testament Pendant Necklace Silver 925

The New Testament is the second major division of the Christian Bible, with the first being the Old Testament, which is derived from the Hebrew Bible.
The Greek New Testament documents the teachings and life of Jesus, as well as significant events for Christianity during the first century.
List of the 27 books of the New Testament:
Matthew (According to Matthew)
Mark (According to Mark)
Luke (According to Luke)
John (According to John)
Acts (Acts or Deeds of Apostles)
Romans (To the Romans)
1 Corinthians (First (letter) to the Corinthians)
2 Corinthians (Second (letter) to the Corinthians)
Galatians (To the Galatians)
Ephesians (To the Ephesians)
Philippians (To the Philippians)
Colossians (To the Colossians)
1 Thessalonians A(First (letter) to the Thessaloniansa)
2 Thessalonians B (Second (letter) to the Thessalonians)
1 Timothy (First (letter) to Timothya)
2 Timothy (Second (letter) to Timothy)
Titus (To Titus)
Philemon (To Philemon)
Hebrews (To the Hebrews)
James (Of James)
1 Peter (First (letter) of Peter)
2 Peter (Second (letter) of Pete)
1 John (First (letter) of John)
2 John (Second (letter) of John)
3 John (Third (letter) of John)
Jude (Jude)
Revelation (Revelation of John)
Nano lithographed (imprinted) in full on a 5*5mm silicon surface.
The micron-sized Bible is truly a technological masterpiece, a wonderful product of ingenuity of Nano scientists and engineers.