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A mezuzah is a sacred utensil set on the side of the entrance to a dwelling house and in the rooms of the house, usually on the lintel.
The main content of the mezuzah is a parchment on which are written the parshas "Shema Yisrael", and "Va'ih Am Shemu".
Usually, the parchment sheet is placed inside the mezuzah case made of a hard material designed to cover and maintain the card.

Here in the peace of God you can now choose the mezuzah case you want to bless and protect your home from evil spirits,

Now you can choose your special design from Israel.

To do this easily you can press the filter button in the menu and select the type of material from which the mezuzah case is made,
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Mezuzahs From Israel:

Bronze Enamel Mezuzah / Olive Wood SHIN Shema Israel 4"


Mezuzah Olive Wood Enamel / Shin "Shema Israel" 4"