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Scents of The Bible - Eau de Parfum

Scents of The Bible - Eau de Parfum

" Spikenard and Saffron; Calamus and Cinnamon, with all trees of Frankincecse; Myrrh and Aloes , with all the chief spices"

The famous Biblical Fragrances in a beautiful gift box: Myrrh, Frankinsence and Spikenard.
Perfumes and spices have been in use since the dawn of history.
In ancient times they were considered very expensive and precious items, and were stored together with the hoards of silver and gold in the palaces of kings.
The shape of the bottles in this gift box are inspired by ancient perfume bottles found at archaelogical sites in the Holy Land.

licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Health

3 bottles of 8ml. each.

Made in Israel